Red Nose Day Fundraising Ideas

Red Nose Day is coming up soon on the 24th March this year! Being one of the biggest fundraising events of the year it's a great chance to get involved and help the less fortunate.

Most schools will be organising their own events and fundraising activities so make sure you're children are getting involved! Outside of school children can still fundraise in their own ways to raise money. It's a great achievement to complete a challenge, have fun, and help to raise money. 

We've had a few ideas on ways parents can help their children raise some money. Any child from nursery age to secondary school can take part!

If your childs in nursery a great easy way to raise a few pounds is to throw a party! Charge a little to attend, bake and sell cupcakes and maybe even get the children involved in a sponsored dance. Other popular things to do on red nose day include the 'turn mums into mummies' game. A real laugh for everyone involved! Just make sure not to waste the toilet roll!

Holding small events for your children's class or friends such as talent or comedy shows, bake sales or parties is a quick and easy way to raise a few pounds. If you're not so keen on the organising side of things most schools will be having a red non-uniform day or a dress up as a nose day.

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