Preparing for the Summer

And it’s back to school for the last half term before the summer holidays! Our summer hours have kicked in which means that we are open late until 6pm every Thursday. A Levels and GCSE’s are well under way and stress levels are peaking in a lot of households.

Talking of stress levels! It may come as a surprise to know that school uniform suppliers have to place their forward orders by the end of December so when our customers are thinking of Christmas, we are trying to work out how much stock we are going to need next summer! We have been open for a while so are getting better at planning as every year goes by. Having said that, 2014 caught us on the hop as JM Textiles closed at the same time that St Cyres and St Richard Gwyn implemented whole school uniform changes. We had ordered our St Cyres uniform based on being one of two suppliers and obviously weren’t aware that JM Textiles were going to close and by the time we found out, we just couldn’t get the uniform in stock in time. Added to that, as JM Textiles were part of a larger group that hadn’t placed any forward orders, stock was difficult to get, we had an unprecedented amount of customers and it is safe to say it was the worst year we had ever had but we have learnt from it and have put lots of new processes in place and are confident that it’s onward and upwards! As we said last week, most of our customers come in during August so keeping an eye on stock and getting replacements in is a challenge and the August Bank Holiday doesn’t do us any favours as suppliers are closed for an extra day at the most crucial time of year! Having said that, we are normally exhausted too so the extra day off is welcome! We are trying to spread the flow of customers with various offers but we know that as the summer holidays slip away, we get busier and busier but we love a challenge!

We have already had some customers place orders for collection later in the summer so as soon as the forward order stock arrives we will start collating the orders and letting customers know when their order is ready.

We have also sent the price list templates to our printers in readiness to take to the open days along with the Back to School offers we have been working on. Ordered our carrier bags, started interviewing for summer staff and just put a date in the diary for a staff meeting to review where we are and what else we need to do to get ready for Back to School!